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IT ALL STARTS WITH YOUR INFORMATION:  Fraud crimes are being perpetrated at an alarming rate – over 30 million Americans have been impacted over the past five years!  Organizations, professionals and individuals are fighting back by using a secure document shredding service.


NAID AAA Certified - Simple, Safe, Secure


PA Shredding Services is a Mobile Destruction Company providing the HIGHEST LEVEL of security, giving you peace of mind in knowing you are doing everything possible to destroy Media, Documents, Hard Drives and all sensitive information correctly!  We offer easy and affordable custom tailored document & non-paper destruction services to fit your needs.

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Document Shredding Philadelphia, PA's professional and courteous Data Destruction Specialists securely and efficiently destroy your data on-site with our fleet of mobile shred trucks. Our automated handling and destruction process provides the highest level of security to ensure total privacy of your confidential information.

Philadelphia Paper Shredding Will Securely Detroy Your Data


Our on-site Paper Document Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction will keep you in compliance with all Federal and State legislation as well as reduce your liability risk where information destruction is the issue.


We are Bonded & Fully Insured and in addition to having extensive Liability Coverage, we have Errors & Omissions Insurancemost shredding companies don’t go this extra step!

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Philly Paper Shredding

    MYTH:  Most Identity Theft occurs through on-line activity.

    The reality is that more cases originate from mishandling of documents and

    confidential papers as well as "Dumpster Diving". Consumers and businesses

    are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every month – billions every year.

    Information Destruction with 's high-security mobile paper shredding

    trucks is the single most effective means of eliminating this threat


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