Why Shred with a Document Destruction Company ?
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Let Mobile Shredding Services MOBILE SHREDDING - a bonded, certified information destruction 
- become an integral part of the chain-of-custody for secure document 
     and media destruction!

      Simple, Safe and Secure - our document destruction specialists do all the work saving you time 
      and money and ensuring that all of your confidential information is securely destroyed. 
          See how easy the shredding process is!
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 Legal Compliance - Using a Third-Party secure shredding 
      company like Document Shredding Services is the approved method of document 
      destruction to comply with new laws requiring proper 
      information destruction and protection.

A Certificate of Destruction issued by a NAID Certified 3rd
      party document destruction company helps safeguard against 
      law suits and maintains a record of the secure destruction. 

 Eliminate in-office shredding with additional benefits: 
        – Save employee time.
        – Save money by reducing labor and equipment expenditures.
        – Fastest and most economical way to shred large volumes of old
        – 100% of the paper is recycled.
        – Learn more about our Routine Service Programs . . .
        – Improve information security - everything that should be shredded is shredded!

Company information should not be exposed to most employees - such as payroll, legal and 
      employment issues and correspondence.  Employees are most likely to realize the value of 
      discarded company information.

In-house shredding will not handle large volumes and may prompt employees to circumvent  
      the paper destruction process.  Learn more about how our Records Purge Service works . . .

Protect your organization’s future - securely shredding proprietary & confidential documents
      at the source.  You can prevent Identity Theft by protecting your employees', customers', clients'
      and patients' private information by securely destroying it. 

Dumpster Diving is the #1 source of personal & business information theft - and it is LEGAL!!
      The US Supreme Court has ruled that you forfeit the right of ownership to discarded information.
      If you don't protect your information, the courts won't either.  
      Destroy your confidential documents while you still have control of them!


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