Why Shred Your Documents

Stop using manual shredders in your office – Outsourcing has many benefits!

Save Money and Time

  • Save employees’ time, allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities for your organization.
  • Reduce expenditures on cleanup, labor, and equipment.
  • Fastest and most economical way to shred large volumes of old records. Purge that file room!
  • Learn more about our Routine Service Programs.

Ensure Compliance

  • Using a Third-Party secure shredding company like TITAN is the approved method of document destruction to comply with new laws requiring proper information destruction and protection.

Boost Security

  • Certificate of Destruction issued by a NAID Certified document destruction company maintains a record of the secure destruction. Combined with written policies, procedures and employee training helps to safeguard against lawsuits.
  • You can prevent identity theft by protecting your employees’, customers’, clients’ and patients’ private information by securely destroying it.

Protect the Environment – 100% of the paper is recycled!

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