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Personal Document Shredding Guidelines

Know What to Keep and What to Shred How often do you find yourself emptying out your wallet or handbag, simply because it is exploding with a pile of documents, such as bills, receipts, ATM slips, and such? Do you discard such papers into the garbage bin, or shred them for safe disposal? In times when cybercrime is rampant, and dumpster diving is legal, protecting your physical and digital information is almost entirely in your hands. Read on for some simple guidelines on managing your personal documents.  (more…)

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An Overview of PHI, and Its Importance

Learn Why PHI is Protected under HIPAA In the health care industry, you are familiar with PHI (protected health information) and may have seen repeated use of this term under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In fact, PHI is the very basis of HIPAA’s Privacy Rule compliance, hence it is important for every person in the healthcare field to understand all aspects of PHI. (more…)

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Tax Season Preparation

Simple Guidelines for Shred Versus Save Tax season is just around the corner—have you started getting your documents in order? Whether you file your own taxes or depend on an accountant or agency, there are no shortcuts for the paperwork that this process entails. While you spend hours in meticulously organizing the relevant documents, don’t forget to exercise abundant caution in protecting your personal or financial information. Due to the innumerable instances of IRS scams and identity theft in recent years, safeguarding your information from fraudsters and cybercriminals should be...

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Product Destruction Can Help Protect Your Brand

Learn Why it Works and Which Products are ‘Shreddable’  Are you sitting on a truckload or a warehouse full of obsolete products? What led to this pile up?  A voluntary recall of defective products?Revision in manufacturing standards?A legal action related recall?Excess or expired products due to mismatched demand or inability to sell? Redundant stationary, products packaging, labels, or promotional merchandise? No matter why you are dealing with heaps of obsolete inventory, as a responsible manufacturer, you may be exploring options to recycle or upcycle the products, or reuse some of its...

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How Long Do You Have to Hold On to Documents?

Document Retention Protocols for Individuals and Businesses Whether it is a home office, a storage locker, or an office record-keeping room, storing and sifting through piles of papers is always tedious and time consuming, not to mention the waste of space. While some people tend to hang on to every piece of paper, including junk mail, others cannot wait to wash their hands off paper records. The same is true of digital documents that tend to pile up over time, using up considerable space on your hard drives and networks....

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Personal Document Shredding Guidelines

Know What to Keep and What to Shred How often do you find yourself emptying out your wallet or handbag, simply because it … Read More...

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