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Shredding Services for Hospitals and Medical Offices

Medical Record Shredding

How Your Professional Paper Shredding Company Can Help As a health care professional, you are familiar with the stringent laws that protect patient privacy and mandate secure collection, maintenance and destruction of all types of medical papers and records. In this industry, shredding is not just a best practice, but an indispensable requirement for every hospital, medical office, urgent care center, laboratory, as well as peripheral service providers, such as ambulance and mobile surgical centers. Despite the best security measures that healthcare providers have implemented to safeguard confidential health records,...

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Shredding Services for the Education Industry

Industry-Specific Disposal Solutions for Physical and Digital Information Whether you are part of one of the student committees, volunteer groups, teaching staff or administrative teams, being closely involved in the education industry, you are aware of the enormous amount of sensitive information that your institution holds in physical and digital form. This may include personal information, financial records, medical records, and assessments or progress reports of the students, as well as the faculty and staff members.  In the US, there are several state legislations and federal regulations such as FACTA...

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Are there Any Risks to Paper Shredding In-House?

Your Professional Paper Shredding Company Offers Insights  Nowadays, most industries that handle and have access to confidential customer information are governed by regulation or legislative guidelines that require them to take reasonable measures for secure disposal of physical and digital records. Even if your sector or profession is not subject to such laws, it is a good idea to introduce formal policies and processes to manage and shred your customer documents and data, once any applicable minimum holding period has expired. Despite your best efforts, it is possible that you...

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Shredding Services for the Real Estate Industry

Secure Disposal of Physical and Digital Information As a real estate brokerage or independent realtor, you provide a variety of services such as selling, renting, appraising, financing and managing residential or commercial properties. You have access to an enormous amount of information pertaining to your potential and current or past customers. This includes their home addresses, personal information, credit reports, financial records and other confidential data. (more…)

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Retention and Destruction of Dental Records 

Medical Record Shredding

Rely on Professional Shredding Services  As a dental practice, you hold and maintain a considerably large chunk of sensitive information pertaining to your patients, including dental records, health records, insurance details and payment information. Fraudsters and thieves can potentially make a lot of money if they manage to lay their hands on such information. While maintaining patient records (PHI) is imperative, your dental clinic may be fairly vulnerable to hacks, data breaches and thefts. Moreover, based on the location of your practice and applicable state laws, you may have to...

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