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Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

identity theft

Recognize Potential Threats and Safeguard Your Business  As a business owner, do you feel as though rapidly evolving technology poses risks in shapes and forms that are difficult to recognize? Do you find it challenging to ensure that your security measures up to the new potential threats to your business? If these aspects are giving you sleepless nights, you are not alone. In fact, technology has made it easier for fraudsters to steal sensitive information and make huge gains from it. The Department of Justice acknowledges identity theft as one...

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Protect Your Businesses with a ‘Shred-All’ Policy

Advice from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company  In an age where data breaches, hacks and identity thefts make headlines every other day, it is not uncommon for business owners and decision makers to spend sleepless nights over information security. In addition to taking necessary precautions to protect your digital information, it is also critical to protect paper or documents containing sensitive information pertaining to your business or customers. Implementing a ‘shred-it-all’ policy is one of the most prudent ways to ensure that any confidential information does not fall into the...

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What to Do After a Data Breach? 

Tips from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company  Security attacks, phishing campaigns and system hacks are the kind of enemies that can strike fear into individuals as well as businesses of any size. Breaches can be both intentional as well as unintentional. A lost phone or laptop may be a potential exposure, but the damage from that can be limited quickly and easily, especially if your data and contacts have been periodically backed up. However, when the breach is intentional, there may be several far reaching consequences and both damage limitation...

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A Clean Space is a Safe Place: Declutter Your Workspace 

Advice from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company  Does your work desk look like it’s been hit by a tsunami, or does it seem like everything has a place, and there is place for everything? Do you like to work in spaces that are overflowing with papers, pens, pins and hundreds of other knickknacks, or are you happier in a work environment that is clean and clutter-free? Generally speaking, tidiness is the key to efficiency. Messy desks can also potentially put your organization’s confidential information at risk. Fraudsters who gain access...

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Product Recall Planning Should Include A NAID Certified Destruction Partner

May 9, 2018 - Doylestown, PA -----The pace of defective products being recalled is climbing, according to a recent study by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. A review of more than 100,000 corporate liability insurance claims from over 100 countries between 2011 and 2016, found that defective products or work is the number one cause of liability loss by total value of claims. In fact, defective products account for nearly a quarter of all claims.  Today risk managers must be readily prepared for such a crisis with recall response plans...

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