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Secure Product Destruction Is Critical for Your Business

Why You May Need a Product Destruction Service As a business owner or key decision maker, you may face a situation where large quantities of your manufactured goods become obsolete. It could be because of:  A self-initiated product recall when late quality checks indicate an inherent design flaw.A lawsuit that prompts a product recall due to faulty operations or associated damages.Your company’s inability to move or sell certain products due to marketing, logistics or financial issues.A change in regulations or manufacturing standards that makes your existing batch unfit for use.Certain...

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Some Work Habits Can Be Detrimental to Your Business

 Is It Worth the Risk? Whether you are in sales, servicing or consulting, your business is likely to collect, create, store and manage massive amounts of data and information pertaining to employees, customers, vendors, and operations. Any breach in these digital or physical records could be potentially devastating for you and your business. Not only will your company’s reputation take a hit, you may also lose the trust of your stakeholders and prospects. Moreover, if your business is non-compliant with the applicable state or federal regulations, or industry-specific privacy protection...

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Your Child’s Identity Is Precious; Protect It!

The Best Preventative Measures are in Your Hands  Have you or anyone in your social circle:  Received a notice from the IRS in your child’s name, stating there are taxes payable? Answered a call from a debt collection company asking for your child by name, and demanding payment for unpaid credit card bills?  Got a summons for jury duty addressing your young one, instead of an adult in the family? You may think that the collection agency or IRS had some sort of faulty databases, or the summons may have been...

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Should Businesses Shred Mobile Devices?

Old or Broken Devices May Present More Risks than You Think Whether your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, or you provide the cell phones, tablets and laptops to your employees and contractors, you may be familiar with how soon these mobile devices become obsolete. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, new makes and models hit the market almost every day, compelling you to upgrade or replace mobile devices quite frequently. The question is, what happens to the old or broken ones, and what is the best way...

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Always Choose a NAID Certified Company for Your Shredding Needs

Learn What is NAID Certification and Why is It Important As a conscientious business, you take all the necessary steps to protect your physical and digital information.  After all, with the continually magnifying thefts, hacks and cybercrimes, you cannot afford to lose confidential or sensitive data related to your business, customers or employees. Moreover, if your business is associated with the legal, healthcare, financial services or education industry, you may also have to comply with HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm Leach-Bliley or other industry-specific laws that protect consumer interests and privacy. (more…)

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