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Is Shredding Important for your Peace of Mind?

Whether it is a home office, professional practice, small workshop, or large corporation, you have several physical documents and digital records with personal or confidential data about your business, employees or customers.  In order to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands, you must take several precautions, such as:  (more…)

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Say Goodbye to a Cluttered Workplace

Hard Drive and Document Destruction Equals More Work Space From hassle-free organization and better space utilization, to stronger information security and reduced data breaches, decluttering has many benefits. Whether it is Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of tidying up, or the Four Box method of ‘put away’, ‘give away’, ‘throw away’ and ‘undecided’, there are many popular techniques to do away with things that you do not use or need, in your home or office.  (more…)

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Looking for Secure and Affordable Destruction of Paper Records?

Consider a Convenient, Local Shredding Event Sitting on a stack of personal or business records that are no longer useful or relevant? Not sure where or how to securely dispose of the papers because of the confidential or sensitive information they contain? Monthy community or Sponsored shredding events may be just the answer you are looking for.  At times, the volume of records that you need to dispose of is not very high, which means, investing in a shredder may be a waste of money and precious work space. On...

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Product Destruction – It’s Not Just About Paper Anymore

Whether it is a product recall, a legal action, an inability to sell, or a change in manufacturing standards, there may be various reasons your stock is just sitting. You may end up with warehouses full of products or packaging that you can no longer use or send to market. Similarly, at some point, your electronic devices, or the information that rests on your hard drives, thumb drives, or other digital media may become obsolete for your business. It’s not just about paper anymore! Whether it is products, digital records...

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Celebrate Earth Day, Save the Planet – Are You Doing Your Bit?

Tips from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company  Instituted in the year 1970, and observed on April 22 each year, Earth Day attracts participation from around 192 countries across the world, where millions of people do their bit towards saving Mother Earth. Over the years, the movement to save our planet has evolved into a full-time initiative for governments, public enterprises, private businesses, as well as environmentalists. From reducing plastic pollution and protecting endangered species, to solving climate change problems and creating environmental literacy, there are thousands of ongoing initiatives as...

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