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Certified Product Destruction Services

When your warehouse or storage facility is full of damaged, recalled, or expired goods, or products that are unfit to send to market, your business may face a number of disadvantages:

  • Revenue losses and expensive lawsuits related to the damaged or recalled products
  • Unproductive use of valuable real estate in your storage spaces
  • Risks associated with extended storage or improper disposal 

At TITAN Mobile Shredding, we address the secure product destruction needs of a wide, multi-industry client base. 

  • Our state-of-the-art shredding facility in Pipersville, PA can safely dispose of an extensive range of items. This includes clothes, shoes, uniforms, display boards, marketing materials, electronic equipment, ID cards, product samples, and more. Any item that is up to 3” thick and 12” wide can be sent through our powerful, plant-based shredder for permanent destruction. 
  • As a NAID AAA Certified company, we follow the highest standards of secure product destruction. We are the first company in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to earn a NAID Certification, and the first company globally to provide NAID Certified Product destruction services.
  • In addition to the high standards of access controls, surveillance measures, and staff scrutiny, we ensure total compliance and rigor throughout the product destruction lifecycle. Our processes exceed the requirements of the applicable privacy laws (HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm Leach-Bliley, etc.) and other industry-specific norms.
  • As Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS), we are well-versed with various data protection legislations, physical security and risk management principles, and secure destruction operations. Our qualified product destruction specialists create industry-specific solutions that best meet our clients’ requirements and budget. 

Protect Your Brand, Don’t Send Obsolete Products to the Landfill 

Whether they are defective, old, or outdated, all your unusable products and merchandise need a proper resting place, where they can go through an irreversible destruction process. Let that place not be the landfill!  Remember, dumpster diving is legal in many states in the U.S., including Pennsylvania. Which means, your branded, trademarked, or copyrighted items could end up floating in the grey market, or in the hands of thugs or fraudsters, who can use them for illegal activities. Besides, dumping your products without a proper destruction process could: 

  • Threaten your business and brand identity, and erode your market credibility
  • Cause extended legal troubles and expensive lawsuits
  • Harm the environment if you use incorrect methods of disposal 

Using a certified product shredding company is not only more ecologically appropriate, but also the wiser option for: 

  • Protecting your brand
  • Freeing up precious storage space
  • Getting rid of your unwanted stock in a safe and permanent manner 

Secure Product Disposal by Professional Product Destruction Specialists 

There may be several reasons that lead to stockpiling of obsolete or unusable products: 

  • Self-initiated product recall due to design or operational flaws
  • Marketing, financial, or logistical obstacles in moving the product to market
  • Change in manufacturing standards or regulations that make existing products redundant
  • Products that reach their shelf life before being sold

No matter what your reasons, if you need to dispose of large stacks of obsolete goods, count on the experienced professionals at TITAN Mobile Shredding. We can help you get rid of your unwanted items through our safe, efficient, and environment-friendly certified product destruction services.

To learn more about our full range of product destruction services, call (866) 848-2699 or contact us online.

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